Blender audio addon

Hi guys !

Sorry if my english is bad… I hope you wil understand me !
I’m new on Blender but i would like to discuss with you for something.

I work with a french group in the university of Cergy (next to Paris) and we would like to developp an little audio addon for Blender in the vse.
To the developpment of this project, we would like to make a crowdfunding campaign and after paying a developer to code this addon.

We are supported by the foundation of our university and teachers. For this project, we are in discuss with developpers.

What do you think of this project ?
Would you interested by this ?

Have a nice day !

we would like to developp an little audio addon for Blender in the vse.

Haven’t you missed out the most important piece of information ? What is this addon actually going to do ?

If it’s something everyone needs then people may be supportive.
If it is a function that already exists or something that no-one actually wants or thinks is not important, maybe the support won’t be as positive.

Funny how the most skeptical and wondrous do so little to present self and gain trust. You are supported by uni & teachers, you claim… haven’t they thought you nothing?
Oh, the arrogance.
:stuck_out_tongue: (a french kiss)

Hey ! Thanks for your answers.

I don’t think its already exists and our referent is Nicolas Priniotakis.
You can already see his work :

In this plug-in we would like to develop these functions :

  • An audio normalizer
    Audio normalizing is the application of a constant amount of gain to audio to bring the average or peak amplitude to a target level.

  • A declicking filter
    A tool to remove unwanted audio clicks.

  • An audio compressor
    Reducing the dynamic range between the loudest and quietest parts of an audio signal by boosting the quieter signals and attenuating the louder ones.

  • An equalizer
    Tools that enable you to adjust the balance between frequency components within an electronic signal.

  • A tool to automatically synchronize audio sources
    This feature enables you to synchronize audio from an external recorder with existing audio recorded by your camera.

The estimation of this development is between 1500 euros - 2000 euros.

What do you think ?

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not sure what you’re going to make but i hope it will be support for DAP, the free version of DAP, there are many plugins for it outside the blender universe, it would be ideal for people who work with audio.

I think there is some demand for such a plugin, and although I don’t want to see audio be a focus for blender (it’s got enough features to maintain as it is), it could be useful in the VSE. Proposed feature list would be nice :smiley:

Sounds good. I guess that it will be a destructive audio tool, that is it will replace the source media as you make adjustments? Or will it run another lib to process the sound on the way out?

Also do you plan to show metering of the audio so that users can make informed decisions about levels etc.? Will the waveform be altered in the VSE timeline?

vst plugin support thanks

The idea is to developp an addon can be used into the VSE.
We would like to propose a basical system where you can make some audio treatments during your work.

Our principals sources ideas are based on Audacity.
These functions are possible to code for a developer but if we add new features it would be more complicated.

So, for the moment we propose these functions.
its a first system to make treatments audio on Blender.
Maybe later, one day, someone can use this work to make improvements for effect sounds or more features…

Since it is 2 years ago you asked - how is it going with your project? That sounds awesome and the audio tools are precisely what everybody needs to clean and compress the sound for pro quality. I hope you done well, thanks in advance, Ingo

As I have some footage using GoPro 5 which has the shittiest audio (and sometimes I didn’t plug in a better microphone), I’m also quite interested in this. I could do a pass before importing or after importing, but that makes the flow even harder (honestly GoPro footage is already painful).


  • Denoiser: Must have
  • Compressor: Must have
  • Normalizer: Must have
  • Auto sync, might be very useful (not sure how though)
  • Declicking filter: Never tried one, sounds great though