Blender Audio Development Blog

Hi folks!

Like Genscher, joeedh and jahka, I’ve now also set up a blog to post the progress of the blender audio development.

Unfortunately audio has always been a black sheep in blender history, I hope that I can change that with 2.5 and your support.

Just visit the blog here:

You can also post feature wishes there and maybe if you like my work, consider a donation.

BTW: There’s something interesting to come during this Christmas holidays, so stay excited!


Have you thought about adding support for sound visualization? Or is that what Render sound waves to f-curves to use them in animations would do?

The 3D sound objects sound intriguing, I wish you luck!

You are an important developer, keep up the good work!

Thanks for your hard work. Audaspace is a really crucial part of Blender.

Yeah, thanks for all the hard work you put into this :slight_smile:

wootz, this be awesome! :slight_smile:

Yeah !!!

Please :

BPM’d timeline (option )
audio reactive = audio to ipo
something like the great Soundtracker script

for more ideas check out the program VDMX

yeah !

ill donate right now!

great new neXyon. I will donate.
Sound visualization is something I would love to see.
Something that analyzes a sound source and makes F-curves out of it.

Cheers mate !

This is great. Blender forever! :yes:

Happy new year!

Check out the latest blender revision and the blog:

Sound to f-Curve? like soundtracker?? thats great! what formats can you input? how do you access it? is this in the most recent windows build? thanks so much!

If you know this area of Blender, do you think you can make the BGE python sound properties from 2.49 work like in 2.49, because currently the properties like fileName, position, looping, ect… don’t work in the 2.5 GE and also aren’t recognized in 2.5

@neXyon: Add your blog to, contact JesterKing.

EDIT: OMG huge commit!
Thanks for your efforts!

just loaded 2.5 647(first windows build on graphicall with audio) and looks good the parts ive found. been hooking the wav files to scale and funky cube. Im not sure of the official way to test but going to play with this all day. will post my results or issues here.
thanks for the hard work,been wiating on this for awhile,
blend or die,

Malcolm-Luther: where do you get to the tool? can you input other formats?

Your work might be useful for the standalone gamekit project (a .blend player using only BSD/MIT/Zlib style licensed source code):

Audaspace uses a copyleft license, so we can’t use it for gamekit. Do you consider dual licensing it, adding the Zlib license for example?

Also posted here:

Thanks and a happy 2010 everyone!

Hey there!

As promissed, here’s the new entry with two videos:

How to use the operator: With one or more f-curves selected in the graph editor hit space and type in sound, should be one of the operators you find then.

Cyborg Dragen: The python API is on the todo list. There will be some kind of direct access to audaspace, so you don’t have to use the sound actuators actually.


Good to hear that not only is BGE sound access on the todo list, but may also be expanded beyond what you can do in 2.49 through BGE python.:smiley:

Rock solid sound sync in the VSE. Woot! Woot! :smiley:

Man, this is really cool!! Big thank you neXyon!!