Blender automation (Python and CSV)

Hi fellow Blenderees and hopefully Python masters,

I’m looking for someone who can help me with a Python script to import data from a CSV, add that data to specific fields in Blender, start a render and then do the same trick for the next row in the CSV. Thus automating a huge amount of renders driven by data from a CSV. (data includes the location of an image sequence, render resolution, output name and location)
Preferably a script which we can read and modify ourselves as well (very! limited Python knowledge here)

We have some budget for this script as it will be used in work for one of my clients. Please let me know what you need, how long this would take to write and your fee (fixed).

This is actually needed in a project that starts next week. If possible I’d like to have the script within a week. I get that’s a lot to ask, so please also respond if you can deliver later than a week from now.

For questions, hmu! Thanks in advance!

Received a lot of response, thank you everybody!

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