Blender Automation

I think that blender is awesome and I am going to use blender for everything except work.
Why you say! Because blender doesn’t have the automation that some other 3D programs have. Example: My boss asks me why does it take so long to create water and a realistic looking environment and my retort is because I dont have software that will produce this stuff quickly and still look realistic." My point of all of this is that is a very known feature so why dont
we put this into blender and make everyone happy. I know how the features work so Im sure someone out there is capable of coding this into blender.
I just want to keep using blender and not another piece of software.
This is my beg and plea.

If you’ve read the news a bit, you’ll know that the developers will start working on Blender 2.5. This encompasses a complete rewrite of the event system. Once that is done, we can have macros and such automation. Patience :slight_smile:


sweet thanks
there is a lot of stuff on the net to look at
I guess I need to redirect

“we put this into blender and make everyone happy”

Yes, 90% of the Blender users will happy. The amateurs.

I am happy now without these things.

Is it fast and easy to create realistic environments in any 3D program (except Vue)? If it was just scripting and automatic, wouldn’t everyone who pirates high end programs or uses the free learning version be making realistic environments and water?

While the introduction of macros will be great for a lot of things, I don’t see how that’ll help you out there.

Why the attitude Endi?

Whilst a pro WILL find a solution with the tools in hand, they’ll also assess whether the tools are right for the job. With blender there’s a strong likelihood that needs will get addressed…

I spent 7 months on a project using blender as the primary this year. With the new features in Apricot I could have done it in 4. I know this from my e-mail trail. I could have saved another month if the Python API allowed calling built in functionality for macros, like dark cgi is requesting here… A MONTH!

not every user curious about features is an idiot/amateur and it gets really tedious seeing you throw this attitude around like you’re the only “pro” user on these forums.

Ease up and at least give a little respect to others here. I’m really tired of your crap showing up on these threads whenever people make “reasonable” statements about shortcomings in the software… granted a lot of posts here are misguided, but many that you jump on are extremely valid and relevant.

Harkyman, we crossed in the post…

Macros probably wouldn’t help in making realistic environments, unless you could make the parameters variables, eg build a tree and randomise a bunch of variants…

Macros will be great though for repetitive tasks… like assigning lightmaps to a node setup for example or pre processing your scene for export to another package like Maya ('cause that’s where the exporters to your clients proprietry package are…)

For material automation at the least, the easiest way to get there is a lot of presets for common materials.

Whole material presets for many common materials could quite come in handy, but you’ll need to customize say, the procedurals, to make it not like 100 other pictures using the same preset.

Is there a apply material to all selected objects button or shortcut? That would save hours of time.

yes , select all the objects , then at the end shift select the object that has the mateiral u want , then ctr+l link to materials.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve needed macro-like automation a number of times in Blender, and it’ll be a great time saver to finally have. I was just questioning that it would really help the original poster’s specific problem.

… I was just using the materials thing as an example… I was going to respond to CD and Tweakingknobs with the specifics, but it’s not really worth it, other than saying there’s no built in way to do it and the python API doesn’t seem to allow access to material nodes…#

Jester king said it all really… “patience”
I just thought Endi was being a bit harsh is all.