Blender AVI JPJ codec


I have recently bought and installed the new version of Magix Video deluxe 2006 on one of my best computers.

Fortunately I have left the old 2.0 version on my old one, so I can do some things, but the old version doesn’t support alpha channel, and it is the reason why I purchased the new one.

This said, here is the problem:

I have rendered a long animation in AVI.JPG, and video deluxe can’t open it!

I have not enough time for an other rendering, so I must find which codec is used, and install it on the computer where Magix 2006 is installed.

Can you tell me what is the codec used by blender for creating AVI.JPG files? And where can find it to copy it on my computer.

I think it uses a codec that has been installed by a former application on my old computer…

Or maybe it is not installed by blender because Im using a standalone version without install?

I thought it was the mcmjpg32.dll file, so I have copied it from a computer to the other in the Windows32 directory, but without any change.

Can you tell me?

Thanks in advance.


The codec should be some form of MPEG, however I’m not sure which version.

This might be of value to you:

Thanks, but that’s only the standard manual…

No informations about the codec location or the way to copy or get if from the web or from an other computer… %|


You could re-encode your original MJpeg clip thru VirtualDub into another codec that’s common btwn the 2 PCs.

Tip for future work: never render your work straight to a lossy compressor like MJPEG. The original will never be at its full (lossless) quality. Further, there are advantages to rendering directly to losslessly compressed frame files (TGA or PNG) and compiling them into an avi with VirtualDub.

See: & others…

Thanks, but I know that…

I use this format when I want a file not too big (less than raw) and acceptable quality, for test sequences.

I need this format.

The problem is that It can’t be read by my new editor.

What I really need is to know where I can extract an copy the codec into this computer.


I think I see what you want now, you want to download that codec that Blender uses internally to generate your MJPEG video.

Try googling it, you might find a codec that works. Unfortunately I’m not too familiar with this kind of problem.

Thanks Blendermax.

Have you tried this ? (it’s a bunch of codecs, one of which should help you)


Thank you!

I’m downloading it… with some hope, it will be in the package!


you can convert the sequence into an uncompressed avi in blender’s sequence editor [on either machine probably]

Hmm, good idea for todays work!

The codec was not in the pack…

I’m still searching the way of finding the codec.

Avicodec identify it as Motion Jpeg, but when I copy the mcmjpg32.dll which is supposed to be a motion jpeg codec, it is not seen by Avicodec…

Maybe an other Motion jpeg.

Magix uses a ligos Motion Jpeg codec, but this codec has been modified since the old version I had until now.

But I think that the problem is not here… the codec neither!

I have installed the full version of Blender, with the hope that the codec would be installed… no result.


Solution found!

I haven’t been able to extract the codec from my other PC, but after several hours of research, I have found the codec in my CD boxes…

It is the MainConcept motion Jpeg codec.

It had been installed by the first videoeditor that I used for a short time 5 hears ago: Video Center 2 from Micro Application!

I have installed and uninstalled the soft, and now the codec is in my computer!

I have put a big sticker on the box this time!

A thing which is amazing: I tried Virtualdub, and it opened the file without problem… I suppose that virtualdub has it’s own internal decoder, because the codec wasn’t yet installed!


AVI JPG is a weird codec. I’ve downloaded movies that were encoded in that format and neither VLC or MPlayer opened it and there are few formats they don’t support. But Quicktime opened it no problem.

How much do you want to bet next time you lose the box ;). That’s happens to me all the time.


No chance!

I have kept the original big box of the software, with the book and the CD inside… it in a special place where are all my video softs… :wink: