Blender backup save problem

Greetings everyone.

I’ve stumbled upon something that might be a very rare thing with blender’s backup saving, (I googled the problem and found nothing on it).

I’ve recently hit the simple problem again this time however on a newer version of blender. I like to save quite often work as I progress, I’ve saved a .blend file and all is well up till now.

Blender creates a backup of the original “.blend” file by default, however when I saved my .blend file again, blender added an “@” sign after the backup “.blend” file. This forces blender to NOT save the file, and I’m forced to save the file under a different name.

I’ve deleted the backup “.blend” file, and tried to save it again, again blender creates an “@” sign after the .blend file’s name and the above needs to be done. (Re-save under a different name.)

I’ve stumbled upon this little problem in the past with 2.49b quite often, and now with 2.57b. This isn’t happening a lot, every now and then. My .blend file has no special characters in it, or anything fancy, my current file that this happened on is, SSAO.blend

I’ve had a few times where this happened on bigger projects like my transformers. Anyone know why this is happening?


I saw this problem myself. I think it has something to do with admission rights, but I’m not sure.

jep, got the same. but only if i open blender as user(rightclick, open as or so)
i had to do so to keep the console open .

My solution was:

"C:\Programme\Blender Foundation\Blender\blender.exe" -con

in the target.