Blender based games on playstation

there are a few threads about this, all ending sometime 2003. but with the ps1 available for cheap on ebay, im only now getting intrested in this.

i was thinking that if you could export blender models to a ps1 compatible game engine, you’d be all set. however, that meant writing your own game engine, which is all around difficult. figured i was out of luck. then i found this link:

is this what i think it is? i know there are free compilers for ps1 out there… and apparently active development going on here

so whats up with that playstation_engine directory?

isn’t that for the ps2?

yeah, a playstation blender player was planned and worked on. I think development never supported the 2.20 blender series [or later], but stopped around 2.03 [like the ipaq blender version]

the ps2 is capapable of running most things you’d expect to see in the game engine [it almost does seem fair to call the ps2 graphics chip a incredibly powerful voodoo 1]

when was up you could search for the news items that mentioned it, doing that is harder now [but not impossible]. oldsite is somewhere in now.

The PS2 is a closed platform, so you either need a devkit to produce & a publishing deal to distribute, or target the PS2 Linux kit.

thats what i figured, but then how/why was that playstation_engine code produced?
[interview with ton, mentions a playstation player]

odd, I thought there was more info about it than that