blender basic physics?

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Hi. I know nothing about incorporating physics into blender, i am assuming it is possible, and that one would use python. Is there a tutorial on anything like this?
just to give an idea as to what i am doing, is that i am making an animation, using a particle stream of objects…possibly metaballs, but i don’t know if i am patient enough for that render :wink: …and although i can easily add gravity (a duh! with the particle animation options) i would like to do a couple things. for instance, can a stream of particles be confined in a tube? can they be stopped from going through a plate type thing? and for instance, if I stop them from fall through the plate, and they end up landing on the plate, can i get them to stay there even after the animation effect is over?
So it would be awesome if there was any tutorial whatsoever dealing with this stuff. if not, some quick pointers?
thank you so much.

also, quick question that i have been wondering for a while, but haven’t messed around with it at all basically…so it could be an incredibly stupid question…what is the difference between vertex keys, and relative vertex keys?


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Hi, don’t know if there are physics engines for particals for blender, and don’t know how to control particals with python (theeth should be an expert). I can only give some conventional hints.
The flow of the particals can be controlled, besides the various partical buttons, if you make your emitter a child to a lattice. The lattice effects the movement of the particals.This could help to confine the partical in a container with the apropriate start frame, end frame and life time settings.
Keeping particals after the animation, could probably be done with a Time IPO for the emitter. (as long as this has a gradient of 0, the particals remain unchanged).
With time IPO you also can fake a partical attractor (negative slope for TIme IPO).

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thanks :smiley: - those sugguestions make a lot of sense. I will see what i can do with them. :wink:


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Blended Physics :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

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It would be possible to write your own particle system in python and make it so that you can confine the stream to a tube. Theeth and Eeshlo have been working on a project called Dynamica to do this, but it has yet to be released. Search the Python forum and download a few scripts to see if you’d want to take that on.