Blender Basic Tutorial: Creating a simple main menu

Hello everyone!

I’ve recently uploaded a tutorial on how to create a main menu. Here it is:

Comments and crits welcome!:slight_smile:

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Thx dude for great and very useful tutorial :slight_smile: is it possible for you to upload a better quality video, coz this is quite blurry… :slight_smile: i cant see buttons… well :confused:

Thanks arturas! The video is recorded at the current quality so I can’t make it higher now.:frowning: However, I will consider that for my next tutorial.:yes: I recorded the video early in the morning, so I was too tired to check the quality.

thank you for the post. Your video came just in time for me since I plan to put together a game in the near future

No problem Black Sage. My tutorials always seem to come when someone needs them. lol.

Hey seriously this is great! Thanks for sharing this, I have been wanting to be able to do this for forever!

No problem BlueSpider! If you need more tutorials just let me know!

do you now this:

@supermoaaa- I didn’t actually know about that. I’ll have to check it out later though. Thanks!:slight_smile: