Blender Basics 2nd Edition now available!

Due to lots of interest in the first edition (plus I needed it for myself) I’ve finished re-writing the Blender Basics Classroom Book to reflect the changes in version 2.41. Lots of new chapters, screen shots and corrections along with a new format. I’m going to be presenting at the national Tech Ed convention in Baltimore MD next month on Blender so that helped motivate me to get this done!

For those not familiar with the manual, I’ve organized the basics into a logical sequence to use in my classroom. Most chapters can be completed in an hour (2 at best) with exercises to complete. It is written in more of a discussion format rather than the old step#1-draw this, step#2-do that. The manual can be downloaded as one big file (20 megs-118 pages long), as 3 parts, or as individual chapters.

Link from my page:

or directly to the district’s website:

Enjoy- hope it helps!

nice to see more tutorials :smiley:

Thanks for the reply cool. I know a lot of schools and individuals have been using my 1st edition manual from about 2 years ago. Thought it was time for an update. The developers have been working too hard, making it tough for teachers like me to keep up :wink:

I found your first edition just in time to stop me throwing Blender out the window. Thanks for all the hard work.


As somone who has both taught computer graphics AND who has a kid in high school, I appreciate and commend you on your efforts. Great job! Thank you!!

Thanks for all the positive feedback. I’m glad the manual has been of some use. I originally wrote it because I learned from all the turorials out there (and there are lots of wonderful ones out there), but I had trouble finding a way to teach a logical sequence to high school students. Not to mention the out-of-sequence way I tried to learn and am still learning.

I’ve changed my signature to include links to the school’s site and my own personal site. I have a little Blender image gallery there plus some plans to build a banjo if anyone’s interested.

For all those interested, I’ve made some minor updates to reflect version 2.42a


teachtech keep up the great work I learned for from your frist edition than i did doing 30 tutorials! I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

Thanks - I now see a light at the end of the tunnel

Good stuff. Please keep it up. This is my first recommendation to all newbies.