Blender Batch file renderer finished!

Grab it here!

Man I feel so great. :smiley:
Got a spanky installer as standard 8)

Any problems
Email [email protected]

You posted it just as I was finishing a little test animation, so I got to try it right away :), and I must say you’ve certainly got the right to be proud.
Thanks a bunch

  1. pofo

you know…blender already has command line-access…and you can write .bat files (if you are in windows) to batch your jobs.

We know. Try this program and read these two posts:

Hey, how do i add me blender.exe to the autoexec.bat?


I added that info in the readme.txt
Edit your autoexec.bat file and add a line that says:
PATH=c:\blender (or the path to the blender executable’
It’s best to install blender to a path name with less than 8 characters cause windows 9x does this ‘c:\progra~1’ to this ‘c:\Program Files’ under the command prompt. Windows XP & 2000 can handle it though.
That’s why you’ll have teething problems if you don’t set the path under 9X
I haven’t tested this on windows98 or XP but I’m sure this is what needs to be done.
Windows Sux that’s all I can say about it.
Linux would Roc if I could get my gddamn Nvidia hHW drivers to work.

how do i go into my qutoexec.bat

isearch for it, open it up. and i get the little ms dos screen, but as soo nas i type, it closes

Right click on the file from within windows and on the popup menu there should be an edit option. Left click on edit and you should have loaded the file into notepad.

Shutdown when finished!.
I’ve been thinking about adding a settings menu to allow little tweaks like shutdown.

Mine doesn’t work. It flashes the dos window and does nothing. The older one works fine., (yes my Path is set right). Dos window goes by too fast to read what it’s doing, or not doing. Running WinXP.

I use Windows 98, so I tried adding the thing to the autoexec.bat file exactly like you said. when I restarted my computer, Windows stopped loading and I got a message in DOS saying that the file WIN.COM couldn’t be found and Windows could not continue loading. I’m no expert with DOS, so it was a miracle to me that I found out how to get my computer running Windows again. What could I possibly be doing wrong?

I agree.

maybe it’s a better idea to input the path to blender within the app itself or within, maybe, a speprate config file so people don’t break their autoexec bat’s by accident.

I’ll do some 98 and xp Testing…
THat 98 path thing is gonna take time because of the stupid calculations you have to do for getting a path name on that OS
I’ll be back with a new version SOON!
Right I got to get to work now… :<

and how about a scene selector?

I think this is a neat and nice addition to Blender.
As I was working on a big animation project these last two monthes, I checked your program with a lot of interest for my next project.

I would suggest (cause I’m not coder, neither your boss :slight_smile: that you add the “Select scene” function, and a way to access the rendering options for each selected scenes or for the entire bunch of selected scenes. Could be usefull to quickly choose resolutions for preview.
Anyway good job !
I like this clean look :slight_smile:

I can’t access the information from the blender file because of the ‘Unique’ nature in which it is saved. This counts for the small size of blend files and as a result I can add the Scene option but won’t be able to grab any information from the blend file You’d have to know the name of the scene etc… Some good news is that I’ve figured a way to make this more compatible on 9X systems. Originally I was going to rename the path string to c:\oiuesf~1 but I’ve found an easier way that benefits Network rendering jobs as well.
‘ME thinks’ anyway :smiley:

‘I love it when a plan comes together!’

If you’re having problems setting peoples environment vars in windows, why not try creating a proper installer. I use the Nullsoft installer all the time, and it’s pretty straightforward.

The scripting language is a bit perl-like, but the documentation is good, and they provide some sample installers that you can tweak. I think it will happily adjust autoexec.bat too, although you could just add the line:


The thing you DON’t want to do is actually RUN blender in the autoexec.bat. Blender needs windows to run, and autoexec runs before windows has loaded. Hence it crashes out(sorry, gracefully exits!).

Naaaahh! when you set a path you don’t ‘run’ blender. I think the path should be added to existing ones Anyway. I’ve been working all week. so I’ll catch up on the bugs l8r. It works fine under win2k and I don’t trust any other OS to work as well apart from Linux. The next release will probably allow YAFRAY too! :smiley: That’ll be fun :-?
Then again I might make a software frontend come batch job renderer GUI for yafray as well!
I won’der what to call it…
Yet another batch renderer?
Who knows?