Blender Batching (Blender command line frontend

First of all great thanks to the blender team and its community for all its ressources and support! :yes::yes::yes:

Now to my first contribution to this awsome community:

Blender Bartching

Ever had to update multiple assets in different blendfiles. You used the great blender linking system and change one linked item. Or you just want to browse your blends to quickly render some frames.
In any way you face a lot of boring searching, adjusting some settings and rendering one blend after another…
Now smile up. Start your “Blender Batching”, let it search your blends, choose some and render the frames you want to where you want to. Instantly or save the list as batch file forlater.
All by using this little blender command line frontend.

Available at

So far available only for Windows with .Net 4.5


  • Select blend files, add whole folders to search in (incl. recursive search) or load old batch file

  • Select blend files to use

  • Change parameters per file or for selection

  • Start and end frame

  • Number of threads to be used

  • Render file format

  • File mask

  • Output path

  • Save as batch file or instantly render

  • Select blender.exe path

  • Sort list

  • Open source

Have fun and feel free to leave comments and critics.