(tarball) #1

Here’s my first try of a blender charakter. Battleboots and angelwings will follow ;). Feel free to comment on this.

(ookami77) #2

Hmmm… on first glance I think the breasts are a bit too high and the face is too flat. Are you using armatures to position the model? If not I might suggest doing so… The thing that comes to my mind now from the positioning is Gumby… I’m not sure why, but that’s just what pops into my head. Is this a character you created or is it modelled after someone else’s char? Keep up the good work!

(tarball) #3

I’ll start from scratch :wink:

(blengine) #4

this is very nice…is that your first try at a head too? its a lil flat but still impressive…boobies! they looks just like 2 small mounds, maybe 2 or 3 nipples will help? :wink:

(tarball) #5

Ok, I did some work on the head. After the face is ok, i’ll try the “boobs” again :wink:

(ookami77) #6

That face is looking much better… I’m impressed… you made that pretty quickly… When I use Blender everything seems to take forever. Maybe that’s because I have a slow computer here though… If the body is as improved as the face you should be very proud. Keep up the good work!

(tarball) #7

I’m pretty satisfied with the face now. The Body remains a problem. Especially the “boobs” are very hard to model, think my gf has to give me some hints g Oh and the character should become something like a battle-mech-angel-girl, steel armor Angel-wings-Thingy and so on, you know . There is somewhere a picture on the net from guy, rendered in maya. It’s called “angelwhore”, I stole the idea from there. And I’d like to animate it after modelling. Maybe in two years or so. This stuff takes ages to get finished…
Nice to have someone comenting on WIP, thats very helpful, thanks…