Blender Battles Monthly Contest

Blender Battles Monthly challenge

Will begin on the 1st of each month and will run for the entire month.

Respower is sponsoring this new challenge, meaning the winner at the end of each month will win a “1 month, Blender Bronze subscription”, to the ResPower Super/Farm

Each Month will have a new topic that will test your ability in different areas of Blender.

Modeling, animation, texturing, lighting… different months will excite different people.

The challenges will often be strung together, so that the winner of one month becomes the blank canvas of the next.

Modeling -> Texturing -> Animating. could be a 3 month epic containing the winning model from the first, the winning texture from the second, and the winning animation from the third.

Respower is kindly suporting this challenge with a monthly bronze membership prize.
They will also be sponsoring this years Blender World Cup (so keep your eyes open). All up this year they will be donating $480 worth of prizes to Blender Battles to give out to you, the community.


The Challenge

The Monthly challenge will be held at Blender Battles. submissions should go into this thread there.

Space is a Playground
To kick off the first ‘Monthly Challenge’ we have chosen to go with a fairly traditional topic, which seems to be enjoyed by many people.

Space is a playground, the future does not hold war, nor massive mining ships… Ok maybe it does, but not in our challenge… Space is a playground for the rich, and the boy racers, with their lowered rocket boosters, body kits and wicked sound systems.

Your job is to create one of these pleasure craft of the future. it could be for any market you want, in any style you want. (could be serious, could be funny, could be practical…)

rich stars
gang leaders
boy racers
8 year old kids
families going camping…


The expected outcome of this challenge is a single complete and self sufficient image, to be submitted for judging at 1280x960 or 640x480

Software Rules
Most modelling needs to be done in Blender. Rendering can be done in yafray, blender, or a mixture of both.
Post processing is allowed, and expected. (gimp, photoshop…)

You are allowed to use pieces from old models, as long as this is a largely original composition, with a largely new design.

Moral Rules
These are pleasure craft, not war machines. Unless they are space deer hunters, its duck season on Jupiter, or it is generally light hearted weaponry I don’t want to see guns.

I am not saying the ships can’t look mean, or need to look fun/funny. They just need to look like they have a purpose that is personal.

The Deadline is the End of the Month 1st March 0:00 GMT. Find the time in your location

The winner will get a 1 month, Blender Bronze subscription at Respower super/farm.
The winner will be able to choose when to use the subscription, within 3 months after winning the competition.

Tips and Tricks for Entries.

The best designs often have good influences, I have included some quick research at the bottom of this post for ideas. but go onto Google and get some more. Don’t just research the topic you are designing for, research anything that offers inspiration, could be beetles, could be electronic components, could be anything.

Draw your Concept
Before you model in blender, perhaps draw your concept. it doesn’t need to be a masterpiece, it just needs to serve as a Guide for your creativity. you will find you are spending less time thinking and resolving problems while modelling if you resolve them on paper.

Simplicity and Elegance
Sometimes modelling every single detail is not needed, a simple object made from 5 cleverly intersecting spheres or other simple shapes, may in fact look better than an elaborate model that took you weeks. Remember its in the lighting as much as the model, even a simple model can look amazing if well lit. We don’t want entries to be laborious, we want them to be efficient and effective.

Create a simple model, get the lighting and camera angle correct. Sort out a background, and then add details as you need

Post Production
You are free and encouraged to use post production, don’t feel you need to render the background at the same time as the foreground. If you do use post production (out of blender, i.e. Gimp or Photoshop) please include your original render also, we are all interested, and it will help prove the effectiveness of Post production, to convince others to use it in the future.

Nice Background
Create or find a fantastic space background. The Hubble space telescope is a beautiful and free resource. don’t underestimate a good background.
include a planet or planets in your scene if you want. Your background may be 90% of the scene with a simple model zipping in front of it. its the overall effect we want

Please view the research I have gathered already, it covers various styles and topics to do with space/ships. jump on Google and do ‘at least’ 30 mins more research. Get those creative thoughts flowing.

How can you possibly make something that looks cooler (and sexier for that matter) than Wu in space?

Still very interesting.
Good topic and not really cliche because of the ‘no warmachines’ rule.

I always liked the Weekend Challenges, but I think it’s time to kick it up a notch. So I guess I should register at Blender Battles…


Very cool. I hope a lot of people come!

and don’t forget…

heh, heh…

LOL yes, that van is awsome, i did love that in Spaceballs :smiley:


can we make a space mining vehicle or no?

is it mining for “pleasure”

if it is a space gold hunting vehicle, that is used by hobby gold hunters with a nice big metal detector on it, then sure.

but mining is a profession, and its not very fun. we are trying to keep it to pleasure craft, things which probably have little to no practical value.


gotcha! :wink:

i got a concept sketch, but dont know how to model it :frowning: maybe i can upload it (when i can get my hands on a camera) and you guys can help? (btw, i will make a new topic for that if i do it. i’m just asking if you guys would help me.)

Is this purely a modelling competition, or is composition also a factor? That is, are we supposed to submit an untextured model with a nice GI render, or a complete textured scene with a fancy lighting setup?

Yeah, Alltaken is very vague with his rambling… :wink:

Just modeling one ship (or whatever) isn’t really that interesting to me, I also want to make a complete scene/story (or whatever). Without losing the topic, ofcourse.

So is it meant to be like your recent challenge with Ecks… or whatever? haha, you lost…

Whatever it’s gonna be, I’ll just do whatever I like… :stuck_out_tongue:


ok i can clarify my instructions, and edit them.

it is a “completed image” with effectively few rules other than that.

you CAN use compositing and post pro, and we want you to.

if you do you composite and use post pro we would appreciate you to also include a render of your unedited image. this is not necisary but is optional and we would all like to see it for interest. (and to make sure its not all painted)

you can model as many ships as you like, it is a completed scene :smiley: could be space go-kart race for example.

Is this purely a modelling competition, or is composition also a factor? That is, are we supposed to submit an untextured model with a nice GI render, or a complete textured scene with a fancy lighting setup?

both and all of the above. the final image is being judged, the rest is for interest and to support your case.

we are wanting overall results for this challenge.



So I guess much like those CGChallenges on CGTalk.

Just go all the way.


Can we post our works in progresses here? Or do we do that at BlenderBattles? Or can we at all?

sorry guys, but nothing you do is going to look cooler then me in space, unless it is alltaken with his skin tight red shorts floating around eating cheese burgers, haha, that would be pretty cool.

anyway looks like your blender battles site is getting popular. rore and i plan to battle all this week and post our works for voting saturday feb 11th! its a damn shame to have the skills i have, only 5% of this forum is female and i still get the chicks to hang with me!!! just look how long i got Sago to hang out!!!

Blender Battles has no intention to be a “crit or help” forum. so all WIP’s and such go to elysiun.

Blender Battles is 100% about competition, and are only interested in the final work. No point in breaking up the community with ‘clone’ websites everywhere.


Sounds great, but I don’t think I can join this time. I’m already in a contest at threedy. I think this contest sounds pretty like it to me.

Not very long left to get your entries in for this Months Competition.

We have a few days left, then there will be voting.

1 months renderfarm rendering is still up for grabs people, so get in quick.



Oh sh*t!

I better get started then.

HA HA HA!!! I just might quite possibly maybe will win? I haven’t posted in my Focused Critic so you will be blown away when you see the finished product, secret weapon mwohahahahaha!!!