Blender Battles

I think it would be great if we hosted blender animation competitions. Characters modeled and rigged in blender would be used by users to animate fighting against another animators characters. The community would vote on their favorite animation to determine the winner of the competition and what story becomes canon.

similar to and but animated in blender


Sounds like a neat idea, the animation competition anyway. Not personally interested in the; one animators character vs another animators character idea. But something like the weekly challenge, where you pick a theme, but for animation. And maybe it could be held monthly? It would be a great way for people to get better at their animation skills. And I feel more people would be interested it that.

Historically, the thing that prevented animation challenges from being a serious thing was that they took a long time to render, correcting a mistake you don’t catch right away could be costly.

You used to have a choice between the legacy BI and the realistic, yet slow Cycles. With Eevee and Cycles animation denoising in the mix now (with the latter in need of a UI yet), it will become a bit more viable.

I think with eevee that shouldn’t be a problem also worst case scenario the .blend file can be submitted on time and then just wait for it to render