BLENDER BEASTS - Welcome To the Jungle

Pit your creation against others from around the world for a chance to win a hefty sum of free render credits and establish yourself as a top of the food chain CG BEAST in our community!
On top of that, there are several additional prizes that can help you get even more recognized in the CG World.

  • All artwork will be featured on all our digital channels
  • Top 3 artists will be given the chance to upload their portfolio on our website

The theme is as our competition title suggests - BEASTS, and you are free to interpret it in any way you choose.

Important Details:

  1. Registration starts on October 2, 2017. We’ll release the link to the registration page the same day.
  2. Render on our farm (Don’t worry, we got you covered. We’ll give you a credit of $50 to render your stills.)
  3. Use Blender 2.79 to create your work.
  4. Final artwork must be submitted before November 25, 2017.

You can sign up on this link:

Qualified artwork will be posted on our Facebook page. Tell your friends to like and share the photo coz part of your score will be coming from your peers! Don’t forget to use #blenderbeasts when sharing!

Why are we doing this?
We want to give back to the community. Simple as that. We understand the struggles that artists and designers go through and we want to lend a helping hand. And maybe, through this simple way, we can give you that next stepping stone towards your goals.

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Registration is now open! Test your skills and receive a hefty sum of render credits. Get the chance to upload your portfolio on our site as a featured artist! Sign up here:

Sounds awesome!! How do we contact you guys for more info?

Thanks man! For additional questions, you can contact us through our Facebook page ( or just go to the page listed above and click on the additional sources. :slight_smile:

I joint this contest. It would nice if people from this Blender community would take a look at it and give a like to the picture they like the best. Support from fellow Blender users is always nice.

Thanks, Koos! And congratulations once again for being one of the winners!

Check out entires by Koos and our other winners here:

And learn about our first ever Blender Beast here:

Let us know if you’d like more of these contests, and as always, happy blending!