Blender beginner face wireframe!

Hey all,

I am a beginner blender user. I want to know once I have drawn my shape using the bezier curve, how do I get the wireframe/wire mesh with the vertices on the face of my object.

I don’t want to cause confusion, but here goes.

  1. create my object using bezier curves
  2. Select all edges and push f to create a face
  3. In object mode with whole item selected, alt+c mesh from curve
  4. select wireframe mode in editor, cannot see any editable vertices or any wireframe at all.

I am not really trying to achieve anything here, I just want to see if it’s possible to edit a face. Like for example, If I were to use the proportional tool - random, push C and change selection over a wide radius and extrude vertices on the face. Is this possible?


What you’re saying and showing is not how filled curves are created. Curves are filled when they’re cyclic and are in 2D mode, which they’re not by default. You don’t fill them with F, unless the curve is in 2D mode and the missing segment gets connected. Once they’re converted to a mesh, the filled faces get triangulated.

There are no meshes in object mode, you edit them in edit mode. In object mode the edges between flat faces are not displayed by default, you have to enable ‘draw all edges’ in object properties -> display for them to show up.

You’ve cropped the images so there’s no feedback from the interface so it doesn’t show blender version, object types, object data settings, nor the viewport view modes. There’s no example file with duplicate objects for each step. The cropshots only show is what you already said, except neither make sense.

This doesn’t make sense either. When the filled face is converted to mesh it’s triangulated and would need cleaning up if you change the form of the surface. If the face is created by filling the outline edges with F, or with limited dissolve to combine the triangle faces, none of those will be suitable for the forms you would make by using proportional editing and moving. Don’t know what the goal would be with the extrusion but it has nothing to do with proportional editing nor changing the face.

You’ve created an ngon, a face connected to more than 4 vertices. When you fill a face, it doesn’t automatically create vertices inside the filled area, therefore you won’t be able to edit the interior of the face.

If you wanted a wireframe grid, instead of filling the face, you can use Ctrl + F and Grid Fill the loop. Then, immediately afterwards hit F6 to adjust the span value to your liking. With convex shaped loops you may have to adjust offset to get a better grid flow.