Blender Beginner - New to animation

Hi everyone.

I am just starting to learn blender and I am using the Blender Guru’s Doughnut tutorial to start my blender adventure. I was just wondering if there is any other good tutorial’s out there and is there a good place where you can get textures for character models?

Also I am new here as well so I don’t know if this is in the right area or if it has been covered before.

Thank you for your responses.

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Hello hello,
Welcome to the wonderful world of blender.

-THe doughnut is a pretty good start and I suggest you follow the chair also

Since you want to make animation, and free tutos I def recommend

  • Dikko on youtube for tips and tricks on how to animate, texturise your character etc
  • CG dive for an understanding on how to rig for free your character with rigify and also weight painting
  • And my personal favorite P2design, if you want to take your rigging and animation character to the next level with super cool effect

For the latter I bought his tuto on how to have a great rig and it is amazing. He teach on how to rig for game ready character and of course animation for movies and such. Also there is a huge upcoming tutorial that is coming and that he is teasing I will let you discover that.

THose are just my picks, but you definitely will find more on youtube.
For free textures, just check out texture haven. Well it is not related to characters models but there is great free texture there.

Good luck

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I will have to go through the tutorials and resources you recommend to expand my knowledge.
Thank you for the welcome and the information on getting started.

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