Blender beginners UV question


Just starting to use Blender for the first time and have what i imagine is an annoyingly simple question.

I have a simple piece of geometry for a piece of tongue and groove boarding.

I have applied transformations to remove any issues there and have then applied the “Smart UV Prpject” operator.

It yielded the sort of result i would expect in terms of proportional UV’s etc.

The strange thing that i can’t see how to correct is that the faces are not unwrapped in a logical order, By this i mean that two unwrapped faces (that are connected contiguously) do not appear next to each other in the uv editor, even though they are part of the same island.

I am aware that this would probably not matter when texture painting across uv’s in Substance or Mari but it would be nice to know how to fix this in Blender 2.90


To get a UV map cutting in places you want you need to Mark Seams on your model. Then do a regular UV unwrap.


Thanks for the quick response, i hadn’t tried that as the object isn’t a closed piece of geometry, i figured it wouldn’t need seams for that reason.

I’ll give that a go.

thanks again


And that worked just fine, thank you!

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