Blender benchmark victor pc reboots

Merry Christmas
Recently I did pc upgrade.
Most important :
Intel 2500k -> ryzen 5900x

I’m experiencing pc reboots in blender benchmark. Not sure right now but only or almost only Victor test.

3 psu tested,
Ram tested in memtest. Checked hyperx and g.skill ram.

Latest bios (I checked previous one too)

Motherboard MSI tomahawk x570


Linux kernel 5.10 (checked 5.9.14 and earlier)

CPU temp max 75
Mprime can give 90 and no reboots here

Gou us gtx 780 but reboots occure on cpu testing

I tried to eliminate every hardware problem.
Only part I wasn’t able to change was CPU.

Can bkender benchmark cause this behaviour or there has to be something wrong with hardware?

Its not that I couldn’t pass whole benchmark but reboots are like on 8/10 runs

What is your amount of RAM?
If I remember correctly, Victor Scene uses around 16GB of RAM.

I had hyperx cl17 3600 but changed to g.skill cl16 3200
Nothing changed

I checked memory with xmp profile on and off

I’m pretty sure Blender is not the culprit. You keep looking in Hardware or motherboard configurations. Trying another OS installation would also be useful to rule out problems with current OS installation.