Blender-Bender + yafray CVS + HDRI

Stumbled upon HDRI today when looking in the yafray forum. Heres what i have gotten so far :slight_smile:

The model is just an old one i could use with HDRI

c&c welcome %|

edit: guess the rendertime for twice the size of the picture (1024*768) on my AMD 1800+XP - 512sdram %|

Looks very nice. But Bender is not really reflective though.


Dead link :frowning:

yep, same here.

I know :\ my webspace server is fu"#¤ -all- the time - check back later and the link might work…

why dont you get an account over at brinkster(ASP + 30megs) or tripod (it supports PHP)? [>] i think theyre worth a try.

I just checked it out and they do not allow any type of media files - mp3,wma,mov,avi,mpg etc. so i woulden’t be able to post any moviefiles :\

Other than that it looked nice.

(hey look! my lousy provider went up again :smiley: )

yep, it sure did! and its nice pic btw! :Z

somwhere around 6 minutes?

Close - 4 mins :slight_smile:

Pretty damn fast if you as me :slight_smile:

I have worked an a little further:
(warning: 1024*768 - 350kb)

This took just under an hour.

I would like some suggestions on what to put there to make the scene more realistic…

  1. join up all the semi-spheres and the cylinders (f_cks up reflections)
  2. put a “sun” lamp somewhere around your object to give it some oomph
  3. make the dude less reflective or do something to the materials/meshes so that the reflections arent so f_cked up

Thx for the crits folks - pls. keep in mind that this is an exercise in using HDRI with yafray and not making a realistic Bender :wink: The model is OLD and just digged up because it was the only one i had made of (imagernary) metal.