Blender best 3D program?

Well so far to me it is! Unlike Maya blender can still run in antique computer like mine. 350Mhz Pentium2, 2mb graphic card, 256 ram. Well I’ll just got it secondhand for free so … I’ll update it when I have enough money! :slight_smile:

it can get older. ive blender 2.34 running on a p 75mhz laptop. (no it doesnt run at a 486 computer :wink: ).

I think this has been discussed to death and decomposition in other threads but I wholeheartedly agree. From using it, I have found limitations that are more easily surpassed in commercial packages but I reckon the portability, stability, functionality and price aspects push Blender in front.

As you correctly point out, the fact that it even runs on old hardware makes it second to none.

Whoever is or was working on blender did a good job on keeping it small and fast. In which in most cases the smaller the file the slower computers on which it would run.

Agreed. One of the nice things about Blender is that it doesn’t try to be “everything for everybody.” This is not going to be the tool you’ll pick up to do Shrek 6. But if you are doing video, or games, it is very likely to be all that you’ll need. And in only a couple of megabytes, for zero dollars; it is all really, really remarkable. One of the finest pieces of software I have ever seen.

It’s also done remarkable things for learning 3D, because here you can actually see very advanced stuff, actually use it, and actually not-crash. :wink:

You know, one of the most difficult aspects of Engineering is setting limits; choosing the right boundaries to put around the project. When the most common “software disease” is “creeping featuritis,” with stuff being added just to satisfy the Marketing Department, Blender is a very refreshing change. All the stuff in there is things that the users actually asked for, and then took the time to build. :slight_smile:

Blender’s good, but I’ve met too many pro 3d artists who detest it. I love it, but even if you think it’s the best, few enough agree.

In the cost vs. capability comparison, Blender wins hands down! I think you’d be hard pressed to find another 3D/animation app. in it’s price range (free) with as much capability and no legal restrictions on commercial use.

IMHO of course.