Blender "Best of" Books?

I’ve been lookin’ through the forums to see if this has come up before… has there been a “best of” book of Blender art done anywhere? Something with the most stunning pics the world of Blender has produced?

It seems so familiar, but I can’t find any record of such a beast…

As of yet, no such book has been published. There has been talk off and on over the last few years about doing one, but that is as far as it has gone.

That would explain it, then. Thanks!

So now the obvious question: is anyone interested in doing a “best of” book? There’s enough great art out there (in here, especially)… are people agreeable to putting their best renders into something like this? I can look into printing options and most likely cover the cost of producing a few hundred copies to start, and then maybe we could split the profits between blender dev and something like Oxfam. Do good with good.

What’d be people’s concerns about this kinda thing? I can check into things if anyone’s game.