Blender BGE Candy features -2.64.9 textured area lights Tutorial

Ive downloaded the above game engine build to have my very firsy play with BGE, I want to have a play with the area light features as showcased in the following video but have no idea how to get this setup. could someone create a start to finish tutorial of how to use these features or a .Blend file with a simple scene setup. Cheers

I tried to use this build for other blends I made in 2.6x but none of the texturing was showing. I guess I have to start using that version and can’t swap between builds.

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Ive setup a small little test scene and have the area light working with reflections, But can someone explain to me how to attach the actual image plane with the light texture on to the area light like in the above video. He said in it he attached an image plane of the same size to the area light for better visualisation of the area light but how do you acheive this, Some one please help. Cheers

As a guess (I haven’t used the Candy build much), while you have the light selected, select the Texture tab (next to the light tab), and then set up your light with the texture you want to use.

@SolarLune, The area light does have a texture applied and is visible on the reflecting surface but i think what the guy has done is attach a plane of the same size to the area light with the same light texture applied so when you look at the area light you can see the image on the light, without doing that the area light doesnt appear to the camera when you look at it. Someone has to know how this is done.

you can download my demo here >

@Elfaz_Blend, Cheers my friend. Also have come across an issue when loading a scene that was cycles based then changing the materials to game materials, when i apply textures they dont show on the uvmapped surfaces, There just grey even after texture applied, but the area light reflections are there so the material is on it.

The Cycles material system is completely incompatible with the BGE, the BGE’s GLSL system actually started as something akin to a subset of what’s available for the old BI engine, so make sure you have the engine set to ‘Blender game’ so as to see what’s available in the BGE.

Is there anyone who can out the link to this bge project?
The original link is outdated

Sorry its gone forever

there’s probably someone around who has it on his HD

You have candy build ? Plz post link to setup.

We can do textured area lamps in upbge 4x using geometry nodes to pass in data and use a diffuse material to get shadow (free)

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Anyone have link for candy build 2.64.9 by Martin Upitis ?

here you are . Please showcase here what you achieved with it.

I think you need to parent your area lamp to a plane and try to figure out what he’s doing by looking at his youtube video. I can’t figure out if the texture light emitted is monochrome or actually casts a real image just like the sun or spot light does (with a texture) . All i see is some weird reflection of the texture on the materials around.

In Range engine 1.0 there’s also this Area lamp with texture but the projection seems to be a mess or i didnt get something

@Elfaz_Blend can you share your demo again ? In your left picture, that purple casted lighting is all monochrome , right ?

The specular reflection is the thing that tricks us to think there’s some color variation in the light casted