Blender Bioshock Texturing

Hey guys I’m new to Blender and I want to make a game with similar graphics to the Bioshock games. I like that style. i was wondering if this could be achieved on Blender or if it was something that needed to be done on the unreal game engine. Perhaps a bit of both? To Clarify, how do i texture/sculpt the models so that they look like this art style.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry if i posted this in the wrong place but graphics/art style seemed to fit the Materials and Textures criteria.

Also would like to add that I’m also interested in cartoon like textures. I googled this but only found info on adding a black border around the object. A cartoon style similar to what I would like would be Torchlight/ World Of Warcraft.

Again thanks for any help!