Blender Biped Guy

Hi everyone! This is my first post so I should introduce myself. My name is Tomasz, I’m from Poland and I beginner user of blender :).

This rig is Cessen “simpe biped rig” that I found on forum. This rig is cool but it’s have some issues in blender 2.5x. Maybe it’s not big deal but fixed some things and it should work with blender 2.54. I’ve hide heel controlers because already I’ve don’t know how to fix it.

All sugestions are welcome :slight_smile:


biped_rig_fixed.blend (438 KB)

Welcome to BlenderArtists. I have not used 2.5 series much yet, but I did happen to notice there are a couple of armatures in the add menu, one for a biped. I don’t fully understand the rig myself, but I’m sure it’s quite good, maybe it will give you some ideas.

The heel roll problem is because in the 2.49 version, on the bone MCH_Heel, there is a script constraint. It’s a python script and there have been a lot of changes to the python API. I’m not sure, but I’m thinking script constraint hasn’t been implemented in 2.5x yet. If you want to fix it, look around the tutorials section of this forum, there is a foot roll tutorial there that will work.

Welcome to BA!

Thanks for interesting. I propably do my own rig from scratch. I’ve found some tutorials about it.