Blender Birds of Feather meeting SIGGRAPH mon july 22

(ton) #1


I was way too late to subscribe, but the Siggraph committee was so friendly to give space for us in the convention center:

Location: Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
Room: 003A

22 Mon., July 4 pm - 6 pm

Room Setup: Conference
Seating for: 20 people

The others will have to stand!


(Timothy) #2

wish I could make it,
perhaps next year 8)

But very cool that you’ve got a nice room now. And room for 20 people sounds good enough. right?


(theeth) #3

The SIGGRAPH gods are with us!

wish I could be there too.


(slikdigit) #4

Yess!! I just checked out the Siggraph BOF thing yesterday and was dissapointed to see we were past deadline.
I’ll be there. :smiley:
PS: July 22nd is my birthday, so be sure to bring me cake (just kidding) :smiley:

(Goofster) #5

damnit, I WAS going to siggraph. but the pricetag was getting too high for me. I’m sure i’ll go to SIGGRAPH someday, probably the same day that Pixar and ILM are e-mailing me about jobinterviews :smiley:

have fun guys


(SKPjason) #6

I bet Goofy’s regretting buying that expensive digital camera recently… think about it Pal… you could have gone to Siggraph and worshipped at Ton’s feet… but no… you wanted to take dirty pics of yourself and wallpaper the internet… :wink:

I hope the meeting proves to be a “live” rallying cry to the joy that is blender. Good luck Ton. I hope and pray good things come out of this for not only us, but Ton as well.


(luis36) #7

It’s the first time in 4 years that I’m not gonna go there, 'cause like Goofster, that’s out of budget for me now. Wow, 1200 USD$ a roundtrip!!
No way.

I hope it will be a lot more crowded than 20 seats, or at least like past Siggraph’s User Meeting.

Sorry Ton I wish I’d be there, it will be a 'Till Next Year for me…

(twingy) #8

Count me in, see you there!

(valarking) #9

shouts obscenities
isn’t siggraph in san antonio this year? i live only 7 hours away from there, hell, i used to live there. finally i get a chance to go and im at another program, gpgc. bashes his head on his desk ahhhhhhhhh!

(Cessen) #10

Yay! This is a very pleasent surprise! I thought you weren’t going to SIGGRAPH this year, Ton. And I was really disapointed, because this is the first year that I am actually going!

I’m really looking forward to meeting you in person :slight_smile:

(CurtisS) #11

Oh no, Ton! Run! Nathan has finally tracked you down!! :smiley:

(theeth) #12


Hey, could anyone film the meeting and put it on the net? That would be awesome!


(ton) #13

Oh no, Ton! Run! Nathan has finally tracked you down!! :D[/quote]

Eeek! What? Who? Where? THE Nathan dedmonkey? That would be awesome! :slight_smile:

(ton) #14

Oops. Sorry. I mix up 2 people.

Nathan Vegdahl! Am I going to meet you!? Cool!

(Pooba) #15

I was thinking about going right now, and then i realized today was the 22nd :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe next year!