Blender Black

I have this trouble once in a while, and when I open blender it is just black. with a standard window. It only happens once and a while and with 2.37 and 2.4 alpha (can’t remeber in any previous builds). It says nothing in the console and even if I relaunch it same result I am forced to restart which can be diffult at times.

Does anyone else have this problem or am I home-alone.

I get something kind of like that, but not really, when I have my video editting program Pinnacle Liquid Edition open. This is because it uses an ATI card, and my main desktop uses a NVidia card, but when I have Liquid edition running it forces everything to use ATI card. So when I open Blender I get a black screen, and if I wait long enough the interface slowly comes up (like you have to wait minutes).

But in your case, I think that it might have something to do with another application doing something to OpenGL. Don’t know how to fix it, besides suggesting you make sure you have updated drivers.