Blender & blackbox alt key now free

I use linux for blending from some time i used KDE & GNOME but they used to much ram then i started to like simple and fast blackbox but it haves hard coded keys like alt+click to move windows which we need in blender
soo I’ve rewriten recompiled blackbox and there you go blackbox now uses win key (Mod4):wink:
more info and binary download on
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Good news for blackbox and blender users(Maya too)

I did not know it was hard coded in the original blackbox,

In fluxbox, and the windows variants BB4win and BBlean all let you just change the blackbox.rc ,bbkeys.rc or extensions.rc
for hotkeys and mouse .

Thanks for the special compile :slight_smile:


The Alt-key thing was actually the reason I moved away from Blackbox/Fluxbox, ~5 years ago, to Enlightenment 0.16 - which I still use this day. That was because of Maya, though. I remember that Blender did work, because it didn’t/doesn’t use Alt+mousebuttons. Or am I missing something…?

Anyway, great that you did this, migero! :cool: