Blender BLAM

How precise is Blender blam add-on in blender 2.75? And how would I approach this picture

when marking it with edges for calibrating the camera so that I could trace it perfectly when modeling? Where would you put them? And my last question would be, how much time would an average professional 3d modeler need to model this gun w/out the scope with a considerable amount of details and good edge flow? 8 hours or more?

Ah. That’s just poorly customized AK 47… you have many better on BlendSwap (look for CC0) and customize 3d model to preferences…
Average person doesn’t know how to model. :rolleyes: Maybe you meant an average CG artist?

That’s not a poorly customized AK-47. It’s an AN-94, a rifle so far ahead of AK-47 that you shouldn’t compare the two by their “similar” look let alone call the AN-94 a poorly customized AK-47. You didn’t answer any of my questions. And yes I meant an average CG artist.

Guess you’re better off looking for other available materials, e.g. here is a lot or some renders showing details here
I some how doubt you would recreate dimensions precise enough from just this one image.

Complicating things not always mean make them more reliable or better. Also 5.45 boom is kinda over…
Just my 2 cents.

Thanks for the link and tips. I have to be honest here. I gave this picture only cause of it’s angle of the gun and shortage of edges for tracing with greace pencil for blam calibration. I wasn’t actually shooting for the prototype of the AN-94 as shown in the previous picture, what I had in mind is the final version of the AN-94: