blender & blenderplayer


there is a way to open a blend file with the command blender -P then run the script and then (this I don’t know how to do: how to save )
save the file and finally run the game .blend with the blenderplayer command
the saved file

i would make this because my project consist of read a file configuration of a particular user then place objects according to the user preferences then play the game

I’ve found some problem because the import Blender doesn’t work in a exe game with the import gameLogic(why?) and for me is yet difficult to use the logicbricks in python

for example :
o=c.getOwner()#a empty
add=c.getActuator(“add”)#actuator that add a object that is in anotherlayer

for x in range(5):
pos =[x,x,x]

i would 5 (or 6) objects in differents locations but it give me only one in the last position

i hope somebody understand what i mean
thanks for your answers