Blender Block? (weekly concept art)

hey guys just letting people know that i am doing a weekly concept art thing.

i am drawing an image a week, and putting it up for people to model if they wish to.

this weeks image is below.

if you want to post any WIP’s of your work, it might be cool to have them all in this thread.


Nice idea, Alltaken - btw, how did you do this sketch? I like it very much, it looks like pencil on paper, scanned and coloured/airbrushed using a graphics tablet…

you got it, right on the head.

although not scanned (dad broke the scanner) its just photographed. hence the graininess (after a levels adjustment)

LOL after losing the job based partially on drawing abilities earlier today, i have made it my mission to create fast and good artwork. this one is resonable.


nice i like the desing on this flying vehicle(reminds me of Jak and Daxter stuff) i might try this,
post wips here and submit finished one at blenderbattles right?

yeah thats right. :smiley:


It looks like a ghost in Halo.

Nice artwork.

This is a great idea. I like the veichle thing, it reminds me of those star wars things :stuck_out_tongue: .
Any way here is a early stage of the modeling. I cant seem to get the chair so i’ll ree do it. It still has a lot of work but you can still C&C.

Here is what I have I’ll post it as a seperate Wip because noone seems to look at this one. any last C&C before i post it in the blender battle deal thing.

Ahh, bummer man. That really sucks. Great concept, but I’m afraid I really lack in mechanical m0deling.