blender bob

(Green) #1

we havto do something about blenderbob!
It just cant go on like this!!!

(Friday13) #2


(valarking) #3

Our buddy Green’s gone quite mad.

jk, green.
I seem to remember something about a Blender Bob, what is it?

(CubeFan973) #4

Look at the E-shop. It’s the only clothing left. Apparently, some CGI guy named “Bob” put it up for sale. It’s his Blender uniform :smiley:

Just kidding. It’s a Blender Bob Hat! Recently beat WeirdHat’s “Weird” hat on “Top 10 Most Wanted Blender Hats.”

Unofortunately, I lost the URL, does anybody know what the other hats were?

Wait, found them! They are:

  1. Blender Bob Hat
  2. WeirdHat’s “Weird” Hat
  3. CubeFan973’s “Cubical” Hat
  4. Dittohead’s “Ditto” Hat
  5. Ton’s “Weight: Ton” Hat
  6. Fullback’s “16-Ton” Hat
  7. Nayman’s “Spider-Man To Blender, Actresses Leaving Aside” Hat
  8. Dickie’s “Nude Girls” Hat
  9. Theeth’s “Teeth Is Spelled Wrong” Hat
  10. Kib-Tph’s “Post On Elysiun Or I Will Ban You, And I Can Because I’m An Administrator… well, not neccesarily the person who’s wearing this hat, he might be a Moderator, Newbie, Regular, Groupie, Guru, or Monkey” Hat

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: