Blender book rollercoaster q

So I’ve got bezier curves down (so I thought) but how can I make the nice loop in the tutorial? <SIGH> Sorry guys, but I’m just not that familiar with this stuff. but it is very interesting…

What tutorial u mean?

Your question leaves a lot to guess, even for me who has the book. Send the blend, maybe.

From what I understand (not much). make sure that your curve is set to 3D. Also make sure that Rot (rotation) is on.
Hope this helps,

Many apologies. Its from The Blender Book, pg. 91.

i have no blender book, is there a tutorial for coasters?
can u send me please?
i had post a question for a coaster in this forum called “roller coaster in blender” have u seen?

I don’t think that Carsten would like that. Would you if you were the author ?

Now I haven’t stopped on your post and don’t remember seing it.
I don’t remember any roller-coaster tutorial on the net… It is quite a simple affair after all, in Blender at least.

Stay tuned but no promises

jeanamontreal, I know, its not correct, but i need help, i try to create a coaster from a lot of years and i never succes completely :frowning:

…Y its simple to create a coaster, but watch my problem please.

My apologies to the author of the book , i don’t want to damage nobody.

…ehm… Cypher, can u write a tutorial for coaster, basing on tut in your book?

Your problem comes from the fact that you did not control the tilt from the get go. The zip file at this URL contains 3 .blend file describing progressively the work necessary to achieve the right tilt or at least one that is credible. I’m really not a math wizard and I adjust the amount of bank (tilt) by feeling.

(to control tilt select the path, go in edit mode, select the control point(s) in the region you want to modify, hit ctrl+t, move the mouse while watching the data at the bottom left corner of the 3D window. Click to set.)

Achieving the correct tilt for all your parts really isn’t easy since the changes made at one selected control point carries changes further up and down the track. The fun is even greater when you select a pair of control points with the intention of tweaking the tilt between them.

I can be achieve though : it is important to go by steps. Myself I like to lay my tracks flat on the xy plan first, then set the 3D option for the path so the tilt is flat everywhere. That is a good starting point. From there I shape the path in the 3rd dimension adding a little tilt when it feel right but always taking note of the amount and direction in case I have to undo it later.

Hope this helps.
Call back any time.
I don’t mind tutoring you through all the process if you can come back with some questions. I’ll collect everything in the correspondence and build a tutorial out of it.


Sure I’ll copy the tut for him. But I still don’t get how to make the loop de loops witht he bezier curve…