Blender books for beginners?

Hey everybody

Can anyone recommend a good book for Blender tutorials in regards to character creation and/or animation? The purpose for this book is to help me create my own character/objects and animations for a game I am working on in unity 3d.

I would like to purchase a hard copy of the book since I will be travelling soon and will be a stuck in a train created in the 1920’s for 4 days:)

So far I found these 2 books with good reviews:


The downside is that these books were published in 2011……Has anyone read these books? Are they completely outdated and useless? Its for version 2.5 and i have the latest one(2.7)… they look very similar. These books are more of a time killer … i am currently watching video tutorials that are very helpful, but i won’t have internet on the train and half of my vacation.

Please let me know of any books for beginners that can assist me with getting started.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon


Consider that, in these days and times, online tutorials might be a better way to learn. I think that “books” are declining in importance, because of the great expense of publishing and distributing them … given also that Blender is changing so very rapidly.

How about this one: The Complete Guide to Blender Graphics, 2nd Ed.

John Blain did the first edition of this book a few years ago. I read some of it and found it easy to follow, well-written and informative. I can only imagine that this new edition will be much the same except more up-to-date. It was published less than a month ago. Given the lead time for books and given that it’s a second edition, it likely covers 2.69 or 2.70 Blender.

Just MHO, but I think it would be a perfect match for your criteria.

you will learn faster with blender cookie or youtube free tutorials than reading any book…

love video tutorials and I’ve learned a lot from them but I have to agree with those in favor of books for the same good points they made and call me a romantic but I like the weight, the smell, the flip of the pages…
We are lucky that we can have the best of both worlds, aren’t we? Many thanks for all the excellent free videos here and throughout the Blender community.