Blender Books

Does anybody know of any good blender books on

What Not and Who How

thank you

the blender books all cover those things

do you mean something as in more than how to use the tools, like techniques to use to build characters?

[the books are more-or-less a print version of the documentation, if you can deal with the documentation you might want to not buy the books]

Online book? I’m a fan of

I’m a fan of it’s the official documentation, and most up to date.

Yeah - it’s kind of a pity we don’t have a large selection of books to choose from like those great - “Character Modelling in Maya” etc…

I always thought it would be a great idea to get one of those books and then rewrite it with Blender in mind. :wink:

However, the problem is that by the time it was finished there would be a whole new way of doing the same thing in Blender because of its rapid development. I think it’s probably enough of a struggle to keep the “living” manual up-to-date.

I do write manuals here and there, both professionally and otherwise, but I’m afraid when it comes to writing on Blender techniques, I’m just not equal to the task.



are their any maya modling book that are open source and really good. noobs to pro unfortunitly is quite week and tries in many ways to duplicate the manuel. prehaps a nother wiki book could be started (only way we’ll ever get more book if we all do a littles what i figure)

keep the blender dream alive.

It’s great we have online manuals and this forum but I waste time all the time with the manuals because they don’t say which Blender version they are for and I look for things that don’t exist anymore or are somewhere else like today I was looking how to make a new empty for environmental mapping.

Try this site:

I just quickly brought this up and it doesn’t necessarily look free (or maybe it’s free for temporary use). Seems like some sort of ebook service.


I can’t argue with that, thats why i use the offical wiki version its the most up to date one and if your blenders not more than a version behind it will work 100% for you.

I’m looking at the refreces, could be intressting to look at a alternitve manuel, prehaps a guide to textures, mec drawings or face modling(which i suck at), on wikipedia leave it open to be edited to keep it alive?