Blender Books???

Are there any books available for purchase that cover the latest blender versions? Or are there any tutorials on the net that are up to date with latest versions?


The 2.3 guide is still applicable. It’s a worthy buy/download.

And the blenderwiki is your friend! :smiley:

i don’t know if this is the right thread, but is there a pdf version of the wiki tuts (noob to pro) or the manual somewhere?

There is an article on the blendernation website: It provides a link to a very good book/tutorial. This is the second edition; it was updated for Blender 2.41. I learned Blender from the original edition. I recommend taking a look.

I hope this helps.

I already read this book - but thanks nevertheless. :slight_smile: I now found out how to convert html to pdf.