Blender books

Does anyone know any upcoming books that are being released for 2.5 or any books that will still be compatible with the latest versions.

Here is one! by Andrew Price.
And the he guarantees that he will update it with the changes being made on Blender 2.5

I’m still trying to meet Publisher deadlines for this one…

thanks, I’ll probably get the Andrew Price book

That book is not a bad introduction to Blender:
Blender Foundations: The Essential Guide to Learning Blender 2.5

The “WOW Factor” book is good, too.

There will be about 10 books that come out with 2.5


There is only one book I would be interested in and that is a book on rigging or a DVD for that matter.
If any author has one up for pre-order that would be sweet.

I was looking at buying some books this weekend and what I ended up ordering two 2D books and sadly no Blender books. too many of the blender books seem to focused on the beginners and cover too many topics in one book.

I would love " A stop Starring" or “Digital Lighting and Rendering” style a book that is focused on covering one topic in depth. Rigging would be that killer topic for me.

This book is amazing! It opened my eyes to so many things about lighting and rendering it’s as if I’ve had a full course in lighting design, one in rendering, and some cinematography and color theory along the way. The best part is the way it keeps giving you new ideas, from other ways to add colors with different lights to tricks you can do in compositing.

Hi Guys,

Bar none ( in my opinion ) and far better value than a book ( again, in my opinion ) are the tutes at:

As is they are all FREE to view on Vimeo. However if you pay monthly, 3 monthly, yearly you get access to download these vids in hi def plus access to ModoCookie and MaxCookie PLUS you get all the source files for the video tutes.

With respect to RIGGING, here you go:

With respect to LIGHTING, here you go:

Ill say it again, you can watch all these videos in full at VIMEO for FREEEEE, but I would encourage a sub, I think it is a great quality resource for Blender and is well worth supporting them.

The Instructors DO Rock - Jonathan Williamson, Kernon Dillon, David Ward:

So decent pedigree :smiley:

I am not affiliated in any way - just very impressed with the content and a fully paid up yearly subscriber ( $88 / €71 ish ). In my opinion thats cheap, about price of two books?