Blender books

Is there any good blender book that takes the essencial? new to intermediate and intermediate-profs. Must be 2.5, i suppose.

I have the book blender for dummies, and it is ok, if you can’t find anything else to work with. Its more like a reference for every feature and what it all does, I don’t know if that’s really what you’re looking for. Also, blender noob to pro is good, it starts off with basics for a complete beginner, but further on in it is some really good intermediate and up stuff.

I like the blender essential.

I liked “introduction to character animation in blender”. Learned a lot from it.

I have hear a lot about this book, but I think its comming a new version, with Blender 2.5. I think I will wait for that. I really want to learn 2.5, It seems that it has a more “clean” interface and a more “profs” looking than 2.49. I will make the jump after my studies in the university this summer.

I don’t like 2.5’s UI but that’s me. :slight_smile: “Professional looking” is what sell stuff. IE A hammer could be all nice & shinny & looks great & someone buys it vs the dull looking hammer because it looks like a hammer a professional uses, but they didn’t realize that it’s not made as high quality & it breaks soon after being bought. :slight_smile:

The book was based on version 2.3x, I forget the exact version, so some things are a little different. But I still found it very useful.