Blender_BOT - new screenshots

Here are newest updates:

---- New Level and characters development ----

and the basic version (v1):
BOTs can:

  • walk
  • crouch (wait)
  • roll over
  • look from behind the corner
  • shoot
  • throw a grenade
  • look for a medical point if hurt

and can’t: (for now)

  • die
  • have no ammo or no grenades (they’re unlimited so no reloads etc.)
  • fight with knifes or fight in close combat ( kicks and punches)

-Its meant for GLSL but in TexFace you should get the point.

The blend:

Demo doesn’t work. The yellow guy spins super fast and never moves. The green guy ran behind on of the boxes and continually sat there playing his walk animation. Not sure why.

What version of blender did you use? And do you have python installed?

You should use 2.49

The game looks brilliant.

Nice work slukas. :slight_smile:

Very nicely done.

I really love the graphics as well, the animations are awesome.

2.48a and I have python installed. Now that I check the site, I see 2.49 is out.

Nice work- here’s a few bugs I noticed:

-hanging on corners- minor, they tended to get unstuck pretty quick
-animations- they’d start shooting before the grenade throwing animation was done, so the bullets would come out of midair. Maybe wait until the animation is fully played before allowing shooting? Also, after a roll animation they tended to slide until they get where they wanted to be.

And the biggie, detecting where the other bot is. On occasion they would both have a clear line of sight to each other, and for a while there would be no combat- for example, one would be peeking around a corner, while the other ran around the other way. They would sit for a time watching each other, and maybe throw a grenade or two- then they would go running somewhere (still not shooting) and possibly even getting stuck on each other. After a bit they went back to normal.
I figure a fairly easy fix to that is just to make them shoot whenever they can see an opponent, but that adds a bit of predictability to the bots. Possibly there’s some trigger that doesn’t go off in certain situations, that causes this? I didn’t try to debug your scripts, so I dunno.

Anyway, I am rather impressed by what I see here, and I wish you best of luck in improving/debugging/etc this.

wow, that is just awesome, keep at it and it may become COD material.

@Epic_Win, @Microwave, @Hellooo - thank you guys. I’m really glad you like it.

@Captain Oblivion:

  • about shooting - it,s because I need to make proper shooting animation, than bullets will start to fly from let’s say frame 10 or smth.
  • the rolling have to be replaced with longer animations for few conditions - like jump forward and roll
  • and about too low shooting activity like you say adding ray in 180 degrees could do it. Like running while shooting.
  • also when they stuck into each other they will fight with they’re fists.

For now every action is randomly chosen when bot gets to node. Random actions have its own conditions so they can be controlled but it’s hard to avoid sporadic pauses in activity (like crouching for some time).

Will be working on this.


OMG!!! this is amazing :slight_smile:

just one crit, however, sometimes they just crouch like a cm away from each other and sit there until finally one pulls out a gun…

That’s pretty cool.

Daydreaming a bit, it would be perfect with a good C implementation of common pathfinding stuff, like placing and calculating nodes, and then exposing that data to python.

I love when one of them stands behind a wall like 007 :stuck_out_tongue:

hi slukas,

Impressive AI. In a combat game, they would make great enemies.

BTW. Like the visual style of your demo.


death is easy to make. A death animation on the other hand for me, not so easy.


It is possible to make a good pathfinding algorithm in bge python. Just have to find the way.


I will do death action later.

Great AI and the visual style, reminds me of team fortress (even though I never played it :wink: )

I really like this. I watched them for 7 minutes untill one got stuck XD

When I tried it I got this error:

and the bots would just be running in place
(I don’t know why the command line wont let me copy the output…)

I love the arena you made for it.

If you’re interested in implementing pathfinding, check out my A* Pathfinding system.

Very entertaining to watch! Good job.