Blender Box 4 in 1 available for Blender 2.79b, 2.80

  1. Piemenu
    (1)Rename Tool
    a. Batch rename models, materials, ParticleSystem and its textures, and weight
    b. Batch replace names
    c.Batch add and delete prefix and suffix
    (2) Weight Tool
    a.Generate weights based on slope
    b.Convert weight to vertex color and vice versa
    (3) Object Index
    a.Batch check and add object index
    (4) Batch turn on/off, and remove non-displayed/ non-rendered modifiers; Batch show and hide ParticleSystem
    (5) Select doubles

  2. Rocks Factory
    a.Create rocks with the procedural texture
    b.Smooth the bottom of rocks
    c.Combine the rocks you selected
    d.Quickly plant upon the surface of rocks
    e.Quickly remesh model

  3. Material Preset
    a.Freely add customized materials to Materials Preset Library and use the materials easily
    b.Freely modify, add and delete the preset
    c.Easily add the node presets
    If the material you want to add to Materials Preset Library contains external images, before adding materials to the preset, please create a folder with the name of “textures” under the current file of the preset project and manually put images in the folder.

  4. Material Manager
    a.Find models based on textures
    b.Find models based on materials
    c.Batch modifying of texture paths
    d.Quickly clean different types of images and materials

Blender Box 4 in 1: