blender boxing game

aaah christmas, and i found me some time to to do a game project, blender boxing. Its only in early stagesbut ive got the hard stuff done. Its got faked collision detection and all the rest of it. Any way unfortunatly its two player only coz A.I for this is way beyond me. Controls are as follows deep breath…

player 1 player 2

w-forward arrow keys - move
s-back 7,8,9-bob left, bob right, lean back
a-step left 4,5,6-jab, hook, uppercut
d-step right 1,2,3-bob left, duck n bob, bob right
t-bob left
y-lean back
u-bob right
g, h, j- jab, hook, uppercut
v,n body hit, left and right
b-duck n bob

controls are so crap because you cant assign modify button inputs. e.g cant recognise forward and A or just A. (ther is a modifier thing but i dont know how to use it - please enlighten me if this is possible) The boxers are untextured because now for no reason when i choose from windo command for texturing my computer decides to die which limits me to being only able to texture sqaures.

Get it here -

I will add health stamina and a knockout things later.

nice game but the controls are really hard because I have to push all kind of keys, but still a nice game. And when I downloaded the blend with modem conection with 56 k the download speed was 11,4 kb/s :o that’s the first time it was so high, I think good connection with your provider. :stuck_out_tongue:

great game so far :smiley: ! I have a question though. How are you faking collision detection? Is there a tutorial out there somewhere on how to set that up?

You can use invisable cubes or any shape that’s parented to the armature and has IPO animations to syncronize movements iwth the armatures.