Blender branches during Mango..?

So how is this working now, during Mango? I read here that the Tomato Branch is where the Cycles testing is gonna be made during the feature freeze, so in trunk builds on GraphicAll, these commits are gonna be left out?

And I know, I should really know this stüff as I actually been pretty involved in FOSS work through, but I only worked with the social parts, hehe, not at all with dev… ;D

Correct, branches built from trunk will not include Tomato commits (unless the builder chooses to cherry pick such patches.) However, the feature freeze only lasts until 2.63 is released, which we can expect reasonably soon.

Aah, I missed that.

But how will the Mango people do then, they will be locked with 2.63 or will they run patched versions? I mean, the whole idea with the projects is development, so they’ll develop as they work, right?

After 2.63 is released trunk will reopen for feature commits. The changes that have been committed to the tomato branch will be merged into trunk, and further development (both for Mango and general development for 2.64) will take place in trunk.