Blender Brand Identity Refresh Proposal

I don’t think they are "d"s. This page tells the story of the Blender logo :
Apparently it’s an eye. To be entirely accurate it seems to be a blend (ha!) between an eye and the previous sketches that look like the four blades of a typical blender. Like you I interpret the subtle distortion (blades diminishing in size, eye slightly squashed) as perspective : the logo lies flat on the ground, and we’re looking at it not directly from the top, but at a small angle. The effect is so subtle that for a long time I thought it was accidental, and I didn’t really like the overall balance these unequal blades contributed to. Maybe it’s supposed to convey that Blender does 3D ?


Probably it does. but if you want, you can read 3 d-s in it :smiley:

Thanks for the link, this is a very interesting collection of information!
I honestly think all these interpretations are getting lost in the final form, both in the old one and also in my proposal. I only aimed for a nice derivative shape.

But if we want to take it literal… someone told above (or on twitter) that now it looks like a hand gesture. Well as you can see on the wayback machine article, a “hand-eye” was the original idea.
So nothing new here :smiley:
But to be honest I had tons of variations done where I wanted to cut up the shape a bit and it always looked more like a hand then now - that’s one of the reasons I stayed with this super-simple version.

Also in the end we just want a recognisable ICON. Generally I like when logos have meaning, preferably multiple one. I always aimed to design them like that.
But with the Blender logo I don’t want it to tell me it’s an eye, it’s a hand, it’s a blender, it’s 3 “d”-s, it’s in 3D because it’s tilted (bah, that’s so forced anyway), it’s this, it’s that.

Rather I want an un-questionable icon which signals to me: "Hey, I’m Blender! I’m here and I know you love me!"

TBH the current one does channel this already, it’s just extremely dated (meaning unbalanced, and haphazard) and I wanted to create a derivation of that which still shouts, “Hey, I’m Blender! I’m here and I know you love me!” but looks much nicer on my desktop.

Oh yes, and something I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear as a t-shirt. Yes I’m very design-picky.

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Nice thread.
There are a lot of artists and designers here so its nice to read opinions. But in the end its all depends on personal taste.

And in this case I prefer the new desing. Especially the Eye-Hand icon. It looks more clean and polished, all dimensions are equal which is pleasant to the eye. My suggestion would be to make the orange darker (like in the old one) which will make the Icon a bit havier and more balanced with the letters. The change of the colour will probably move away from the childish look a bit.

The letters, in my personal opinion, are a bit too curvy and, well, childish. I would probably suggest straighten them up a little (for example the “e” horizontal line) or the “r” top part. There is a font ingerence that may work or may not, but is worth a try. Its good to make the logo more serious in this case.

Anyway, the new Icon design makes me want to wear the t-shirt with it. :slight_smile:

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I also think that blender needs to improve its logo and symbol, but this I don’t think is the way, the typeface is in fashion and is used in other brands (that one or a very similar one) when the typeface goes out of style the logo will feel more old than current. The symbol without the circle inside looks strange, you would have to find a better balance, but I also congratulate you for looking for a new way, maybe now more proposals will come out.

There is one reason… it’s extremely dated.

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I generally don’t believe in crowdsourcing design decisions. But I came here for honest opinions.

I made one iterative change on the logo based upon all the feedback you gave me and made sense to me.

  • the orange being a bit too bright
  • the icon being - perhaps - a bit too bold. I changed this ever so slightly.
  • the text being too curvy (childish for some)

This newer text is based on a commercial font, but I completely redrew every letter with significant adjustments to make it unique. One can debate this method, I used it because I really liked strength of the characters, that they have even thickness and the fact b-s and d-s don’t have vertical bases.
Their original was actually the first font I used for this project, and I changed it to the curvy one precisely because that has a free licence.

The difference between the 2 is obviously that in the top one I mimicked the diagonal cuts of the current logo.

Note: I still don’t believe in the blue dot. The blender logo is often used in tiny scale and it always becomes just an added noise to the icon, not something which holds valueable information.

I tried it.

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Ton answered me on Twitter that Blender Foundation is not interested in a design change for at least 3-5 more years.
Hurray for all the naysayers who would never change it, you have a few more years of happy outdated Blender branding :slight_smile:

I accept Ton’s words humbly, although I silently disagree with his ideas here.

My proposal will stay as a memento of a community effort, and I’ll still be here in 3-5 years, hoping I’ll be able to help out the Foundation.


I like the orange in the middle design better.
The original font, the “childish” one was great, though, and I am not really a fan of the new ones.
No real opinion on the boldness of the icon. But removing the dot and untilting it is the right decission.

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Thank you, I really liked that font (Baloo) too.
I just wanted to create a test with something a little more traditional.

You are right, my original proposal with a slightly darker orange would be the way to go.
If there would be a way to go…

Really cute and adorable logo. I totally like it! The original one looks just screwed to me with some sort of distortion. On my system I always change the icon of blender to alternative one - without vertical distortion and blue dot in a middle, really similar to proposed.


To be fair, there is no such thing as software that suddenly became far more powerful (from a user standpoint) because the branding changed. In fact it is also common for companies to rebrand when their software solutions are losing ground (because of mismanagement, extremely slow development, or both).

I do not believe in the notion that an idea or concept suddenly becomes antiquated after it has been around for 20 years or so, I know the world is changing fast but let us not force change for the sake of change.


Haha today I just did the same and changed the desktop icon of my 3.0
At least that we can do.

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A bit pity about the blender logo decision. Your proposal, maybe not perfect, but a way better than the original. Its my personal opinion of course.

In this case, would you mind maybe to share the icon so anyone interested in a good taste design can use it as desktop icon? :slight_smile:

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I expected that to be honest. While I am annoyed sometimes by a somewhat amateurish design of the current logo there are by far more important issues with Blender that needs attention and resources.

Also Blender really getting wide popularity only recently (relatively speaking) and improving its brand recognition. It would be to soon to make major changes to its brand. I think Ton is right about the time line. If the development goes as strong and we don’t have major issues with Blender it will need good rebranding in just about 3-5 years.

Although, I applaud to the attempt. It’s the most thought out approach to Blender logo redesign I’ve seen up to date and the result is pretty good too.

I think you should continue with the redesign if you have time and make it a dedicated project. When the time comes you might be already done with most of it.


If you download source and build yourself, you can update the icon and logo and splash screen yourself and compile your ‘rebranded’ work for yourself. Once upon a time I did that to incorporate my own artwork on the splash and to add a logo following the color scheme of my favorite theme.

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Thanks a lot for the tip!
I’ll look into it how could I do that.

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Finally in front of my PC and I could also figure out how to change the blend format’s icon!


What didn’t work though is to save these two ico-s into one so I have them as separate files.
You can download them from here:

The app icon change is straightforward but if you are curious how I changed the blend files’ icon, I used this little tool called FileTypesMan:

Thanks everyone for this ride, let’s gather again “in 3-5 years” :smiley:


Perfect! Thank You. I wish Blender will get this branding someday. Also hope it will be sooner than 3-5 years. :+1:


This is great! I’ll use it too. So much nicer.

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Just saw the latest change (D13342) to Blender and it’s pretty interesting that they use much better designed icon for files than for the main blender logo.