Blender Brazil is open for English speakers!

(IngieBee) #1

Gosh, I feel so bad that Luigi worked so hard on his new updated reinstated Blender Brazil and added an English section to it too, but no one goes there… yet. I think by targeting certain topics (I’ve suggested giving Next Generation Blender a seperate forum) might liven things up? Any other ideas? Please go take a look, a lot of work went into opening up a forum for English speakers, and he has several good articals to look at as well.

Thanks for listening :smiley:

Love Ingie

(Timonides) #2

Hi!!! :smiley:

Thanks for the info Ingiee…

I’ll go and take a look… :wink:


(dreamsgate) #3

cool, I just bookmarked his site.

(valarking) #4

Incredibly nice site. The community tends to like to stick to one board though. Also, do I see “Brasil”?

(lger) #5

Brasil is in portuguese. Brazil is the international name.