Blender Brazilian magazine - Call for models

Dear friends at BlenderArtists,

I received a proposal for writing a magazine about Blender (one issue only, for now) with a CD-ROM containing some of my video tutorials in Portuguese and some models and scripts for new Blender users.
I´d like to ask if someone is interested in including his/her simple Blend files in the CD. If so, just drop me an e-mail or write the paths to the files here in the forum.
I have about a week to collect those files.

Thank you!

Hi Rangel,

Are you looking for simple model?

Would you like to use my original and cheap models?
You can pick up .blend files from follow pages:)
(sorry for both are Japanese pages…);

some older .belnd files may not work on newer blender :no:

happy blending!!

Thank you, Manda!
Yes, simple models are better for this project.
I need you full name and e-mail for the credits.

I send a PM.

The models pictured in Head Thread are available here if you’d like to put them in your magazine.

Rangel, i have a model that i made recently that i would like to share:
you can credit me as greboide its enough, thanks hope to see the magazine soon

feliz carnaval!

Rangel, what’s the theme? Simple animated characters ok?

Orinoco, thank you for the models! Great heads! How should I credit you?

Greboide, thank you for the model!

Ozo, there´s no specific theme. It´s a magazine for beginners. Simple animated characters would be excellent!

If you guys could PM me or send me an e-mail, with your e-mails, it would be great, so I can keep your contacts for other projects.

I´m closing the multimedia material for the magazine today. I´d like to thank all of the contributors of this project. Thank you!
The magazine should be out in early April. I´ll send you a copy.

Would you have been able to include mancandy and ludwig? I thought they were GPL.

That would have been good. But I´ll put them on a later project, as this one was for reallt beginner and I didn´t get into character rigging.
Thank you for the reminder!

Rangel, desejo a melhor sorte do mundo!

The magazine is out!
The issue 13 of the magazine “Programas e Cia.” is totally devoted to Blender. It´s aimed for beginner Blender users.
The magazine has 14 printed pages and 1 hour of video tutorials done by me.

See the cover image at:

The magzine can also be bought at the publishin company´s website:

The publishing company did a really messy job with the credits, which thay promissed to get right on the next edition.
Here´s the authrors of the cover images (Adam Rakowski - Blue Vampire and Daniel Thul (PixelArq) - architectural images).

Looks great! I’d buy one to send to my mother, but the web site requires a Brazilian postal code. Do you know if they have any sales outlets in Los Angeles? We’ve a fairly sizable Brazilian community here.

Orinoco, I need your address to send you a copy. We published your image and blends (with right credits in the magazine).
Here´s the contact of the American distributor:
USA Multimedia - [email protected]
phone 407-903-50000 (222)