Blender Brick texture with any offset other than 1/2?

Alternative Title: Or, why is Blender Brick Texture so FLaMingLy limited?

Basically, I want to use the procedural brick texture to generat a brick pattern (duh) with an offset of 3, or maybe 5; not two. Is there a way to do this which does not involve a long chaing of math nodes, and other weird crap?

I am just a bit frustrated at this point.
The blender manual, is, as always, useless.

/Rant on: When are the devs going to understand that some of us actually do want to RTFM, and subsequently WRITE one for us, which has, i don’t know, actual indpeth explanations? /Rant off

afaik, the docs are maintained by volunteers for a lot of parts.
second, you can always put a request in for adding on the current functionality.

Ranting here doesn’t do much for development or the docs. You only piss off people on the forum…

Can you provide an image of the result you’re trying to attain? It’s a bit difficult to follow (amid the ranting) what you’re trying to achieve. If we know what you’re trying to do, we can be a lot more helpful.

@ Rob Wu:You know what, I see a lot of people use sarcasm tag, or rant tag and not get lectured. Maybe this caught you on a bad day, (like yet another incomplete manual entry did for me) or maybe you just want to nitpick someone. I. Don’t. Care. You can lay off the lecture, and understand that not everyone is going to be a total Blender fangirl. Some of us want functional documentation. If you want to be pissed of, do so. Not in my thread here, though, please.

Lecturing me doesn’t help the problem.

@ Fweeb: Um, no, don’t have an image close to hand, but the concept is simple. every row of bricks should be shifted by 1/3 of a brick, or maybe 1/5 of a brick. I’ve already google this, and found one posting on the net which explained a rather convoluted node-heavy way to do it. I’m just trying to find out if anything other than a 50% offset is possible without big node trees.

As far as “the ranting” goes, I’m choosing to take your comment as humour, the same way my rant was intended.

Is typing 1/5 or 1/3 in the offset field not sufficient? Doing so gets you this:

That’s with 1/3 offset.

Huh. Interesting. That’s not the result I’ve been getting. I’ll keep playing with it. What’s been happening so far is that the offset slider does absolutely nothing, except alternate between no off set, or an off set of .5, regardless of wht the input maybe. So like I said I’ll start over an play with it again

Update: Well, I just had a D’oh moment. :roll_eyes: It does work, even with extreme brick lengths. (making floorboards, by using this for bumpmapping) I’m not sure what the issue was. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’ve had some weird issues with 2.90.1 lately, which go away as soon as I reload Blender.

I really appreciate the help, Fweeb.

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