Blender brush tool

Well, looked up RC1 on, look up on the header, the model by giusippe Canino… now that’s cool!

Displacement maps are the only reason I still kept Zbrush. For other 3D purposes I’ve crawled years on Blender…

So will blender sculpt tool will support export to displacement maps? I looked up in the website but none of this info available.

If it is, or at least will be, then bye bye zbrush from me! :smiley:

you can already, use the baking features, when its in high poly state you can unwrap and render out the normal pass, it works pretty well. wish multires kept the UV though across the levels instead of losing it each time :frowning:

dang… so hemm, time to left zbrush already? I just learned this software!

Mr.Ton, you’re my god!

anyway any tutorials focusing on this facility? Specially on the exporting to displacement map? Or perhaps anyone kind enough give me a step by step direction?

you can not yet bake tangent normal maps. it is coming as soon as someone codes it. you can however use 3d texture paint and displacement modifier. you have to tab between edit and paint mode for the displacement to update.

a possible work around is to take an ambient bake on your hi-res mesh and use it as a displacement modifier and/or nor material on your lower res mesh. haven’t tried it yet but it should work!

the displacement modifier is great, BUT it kills blender when you want decent results.
cool for small objects but killing when you need good detail. even my rings kills blender.

Tangent still needed and Sub poly micro displacement mapping…

Aside from that, Ouch to Silo, I hope they pull through, Zbrush is MIA when it comes to updates… Last thing needed is a virtual representation of the alpha of the brushes image if taht has not been added yet

hi youngbatcat

quite right. LW 9 has all those nice toys :wink:

hope to see that in blender at one point. i am not sure how difficult it might be
to code.

It cant be THAT hard, everyone has it…*

I guess it could work like, 3d brush gets the alpha of the image then creates a 1 pixel outline of the images cut out and displaying it on screen.*

this bake step, it’s CTRL+ALT+B is it? It haven’t been implemented yet in 2.42 release, and only in RC1 right?