Blender brushes with my custom icons

Hello! I just wanted to post my Blender brushes where I did custom icons for each one of them. Some of them are just clones of the default brushes you get from factory settings Blender.

Some of them are heavily tweaked, and it’s nice to have 2 stencil brushes always present. I really liked my gradient icon. I added an alpha fill for Craig :slight_smile:

I’ve had use for the alpha brush also. Don’t know what more to say. You can get them for free on my gumroad page.

I’ve tried to upload on blendswap but got weird error messages but will probably try re-upload today.

they are free if you enter $0
340 people have downloaded them, I hope you enjoy them! Some have donated, I can’t see whom. But thank you guys who ever you are. Also thanks for all who liked my process tweets, you are the ones that made me share them.

It was first of all just made for my own personal workflow and use, but I really hope it has been useful for anyone who use/tried them.

You can respond with feedback, if you miss a brush? I could add and design a icon for it. I will try and update them as I see a need for a new brush.

Happy blending, // Martin