Blender - BtoR/Neqsus Tests


I am developing a short film using Blender and ShortWave’s BtoR scripts suite, and here I HOPE to have a series of tests that have come out successfull. Nothing really specific in terms of actual models, but more or less random images that I’ve done from R+D tests (which happens almost daily now). I am not really trying to do anything “new” per se with Blender, but since the BtoR/Neqsus script is quite functional and mostly stable I guess it won’t do any harm in showcasing it.

So here is one of the first images I do like, this was rendered in Aqsis directly from Blender (no post proccessing). I decided to use Suzanne simply because the shader I have attached to it is meant for the characters (using other colors though). The shader is something of a simulated SSS, though there is the possiblity of true SSS in the future. It still has issues though.

wow nice!!:slight_smile: Thanks for the work

umm… maybe I am stupid, but what you are trying to proove in that pic? Is that material unusual ot something…?

Well yes and no, the shader is a custom code that is trying to fake SSS but it doesn’t do that good of a job right now untill I modify the code more. The whole idea of the thread is proof of concept of the whole Blender to Renderman process. While there have been many attempts before, Neqsus seems to be the best method for exporting RIB.